Can anyone tell me , how come the Kim brothers' english are so goood ?? Im so amazed by them ~~ kim min guk / kim min yool


Hah good question! Since I’m not Korean and I’m not sure how their education system works over there, I couldn’t provide you with the precise answer. However, I read some articles and saw some Korean show where parents are willing to pay tons of money just to make sure that their children get the best education they could get starting from kindergarten. I believe, Kim Sung Joo sent both of his sons to kindergarten that taught English as their second language. Thus, they could speak English so well. Other than them, Sung Joon and Yoon Hoo have a very good English too, right?

It is my number one treasure

Kim Min Gook, Episode 55, Appa Odiga

(EP 55) Aigoo, my baby

Sung Joon: Meanwhile what has happened to Jiah and Junsu?

Kim Mingook: Jiah would say,”Dad carry me~” “Aigoo my baby, I’ll carry you”

(EP 55) Funny Junsu

Lee Junsu: What is that guy doing?

Uncle: Spirit god from Hanra mountain

(EP 55) I can’t see hyung

Lee Jonghyuk: This is the last time for Dad, where are you going, Junsu

Lee Junsu: I know

Lee Jonghyuk: Don’t you feel sad?

Lee Junsu: Yes, since I can’t see hyung

Lee Jonghyuk: Since you can’t see hyung, you’re sad? Me too

(EP 55) I don’t like today

Sung Joon: I don’t like today

Sung Dong Il: You don’t like today? Why?

Sung Joon: Since it is the last time for Dad, where are you going

Sung Dong Il: Ahh, since it’s the last? But we’ll meet together and play anyway. There’s nothing to worry

Sung Joon: But for some reason I don’t like it

(EP 55) Jiah’s choice?

Kim Sung Joo: Song Jiah has been chosen

Sung Dong Il: Then, let’s ask straight away. Jiah ya, out of all the boys you’ve travelled with, who is your favorite?

Song Jiah: … *smiles* Joonie oppa

Sung Joon: I was right!

Kim Sung Joo: Your prediction was right?

Sung Dong Il: Is Mingook going to have a drink tonight?

Kim Mingook: I have a certain girl I will marry

Sung Dong Il: Do you have a certain girl?

Yoon Hoo: I also have a certain girl with me!

Dads: *laugh*

(EP 55) Son-in-law

Kim Sung Joo: Can I ask something? Who is the best person for a son-in-law from a dad’s perspective?

Song Jong Kook: This is hard

Kim Sung Joo: If you say no comment there will be a moustache drawn on you

Song Jong Kook: Being together for a year, it circled around. As a result, I choose Kim Mingook

Kim Sung Joo: Really?

Song Jong Kook: Yes, I would like to have him as son-in-law

Sung Dong Il: Why?

Song Jong Kook: The reason would be Jiah could be able to control him

(EP 55) Award title: Dad protection Award


Award title: Dad protection Award
Name: Kim Mingook

This award is given to him for being strong even though facing difficulties when with his dad.

13/12/2013 Dad, Where are you going’s representative, Sung Dong Il

(EP 55) Award title: Caring Award


Award title: Caring Award
Name: Yoon Hoo

This award is given to him for having a warm heart that always thinks of others. I hope that you will maintain your caring attitude towards others and I hope that you will love your father more. For being Yoon Min Soo’s son, he says thank you.

Love you, 13/12/2013 Dad, Where are you going’s representative, Kim Sung Joo